Why are you doing this blog?

I have been practicing internal medicine and cardiology for 30 years and I love my job. On a daily basis – patients, friends, and acquaintances will ask me questions about some aspect of their health that they’re confused by or don’t know who else to turn to. My hope is that I can reach out and help an infinite number of people who might have similar questions and concerns.

Who is behind this blog?

I am, Dr. Daniel Eisenberg, a board certified Cardiologist. This blog is composed of my thoughts, words and opinions. For years I was also a patient. As a youth, I had to go to many doctors and endured extremely long hospital stays. Dr. Dan’s Blog is grounded in all of my experiences.

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Do you think healthcare information on the web is good or bad? Misleading or accurate? How do you aim to set yourself apart? 

The public has a lot of health information available to them on the web and much of it is worthwhile and accurate. However there is quite a bit that is dry and encyclopedic and therefore hard for most people to understand. Even worse, there is much data and information on the internet that is untrue and dangerous to the public, as there is no way to filter it. My blog is a platform for honest and informed health, and trustworthy and understandable advice.

Can I ask you my own questions?

Yes, of course! That is why I’m here. I welcome your questions.

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